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Keynote Lecture  1 : Wall-temperature distributions on thin metal foils in saturated and subcooled pool boiling
Prof. Dr. Iztok Golobic

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory for Thermal Technology, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Keynote Lecture  2 Boiling bubble detachment
Dr. C.W.M. van der Geld
Department of chemical engineering & chemistry, 5612 AE  Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Keynote Lecture  : Toward the Understanding of Convective Condensation of Synthetic Refrigerants, Natural Fluids and Mixtures
Srinivas Garimella
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30032

Keynote 4 : "Effects of Heater Size on Subcooled Boiling in Normal Gravity and Microgravity"
Prof. Jin-Jia Wei
State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering , School of Chemical Engineering and Technology , Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, CHINA ,

Keynote Lecture 5 :   "Development of evaluation technology by numerical analysis and short duration microgravity experiment for propellant management device in propellant tank"
Prof. Ryoji Imai
Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Material Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology


Session 1 : Flow Boiling
Chairpersons : J. Kim, H. Asano

Gravity Effects on Single Taylor Bubble Heat Transfer
A. Scammell, J. Kim 

Expanding Taylor Bubble under constant capillary wall heat fliux density
A. Voirand, A.M. Benselama, Y. Bertin

The effect of the channel height on the CHF in a shear-driven liquid film :
D. Zaitsev, E. Orlik, E. Bykovskaya, O. Kabov 

The effect of increased gravitational acceleration on flow boiling incipience
M. C. Vlachou, J. S. Lioumbas, C. David, D. Chassapis, T.D. Karapantsios

Effect of Dissolved Air on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer
K. Kiyomi, S. Matsumoto, K. Sawada, T. Kurimoto, Y. Abe, A. Kaneko, T. Kanagawa, O. Kawanami, H. Asano, H. Ohta 

Recent Progress in the Acquisition of Experimental Data for Boiling Systems Using Immiscible Mixtures
H. Ohta, S. Okayama, D. Yamamoto, D. Fujii, Y. Shinmoto

Axial Sloshing of Liquid Hydrogen in Cylindrical Containers with Superheated Walls in Weightlessness
M. Dreyer, P. Friess

Session 2 : Condensation and Pool Boiling
chairpersons : O. Kabov, & P. Di Marco

Experimental investigation of heat transfer coefficient during condensation on a wettability gradient surface
F. M. Mancio Reis, H. Goumaidi, P. Lavieille, M. Miscevic

Experimental investigation of film thickness during condensation in microgravity
L. P. Le Nguyen, P. Lavieille, M. Azzolin, S. Bortolin, A. Glushchuk, P. Queeckers, M. Miscevic, S. Dutour, D. Del Col, S. Chikov, C. S. Iorio

Experimental investigation on condensation flow regimes, heat transfer and pressure drop of ethanol in horizontal circular cross-section channel
G. El Achkar, A. Glushchuk, S. Chikov, P. Queeckers, C. Iorio, R. Rioboo, V. Dupont, F. Dubois

Single Bubble Pool Boiling Experiment aboard SJ-10: Preliminary Results
K. Wu, J.F. Zhao, H.X. Li, K. Li

A study of the incipience of nucleate boiling at the submicronic scale
M. Al Masri, J.Ibrahim, S. Cioulachtjian, C. Veillas, F. Celle, I. Verrier, Y. Jourlin, M. Martin, C. Pupier, F. Crayssac, F. Bellencontre, P. Pullumbi, F. Lefevre

Session 3 : Evaporation 1
Chairpersons Q.S. Liu , V. Ajaev

Microgravity Experimental Investigation of Drop Evaporation onboard Chinese Satellite SJ10
Q.S. Liu, Z.Q. Zhu, J.C. Xie, H. Lin, G.F. Xu, Y. Gao, X. Chen

Local Heat Transfer to an Evaporating Sessile Droplet in an Electric Field
M.J. Gibbons, P. Di Marco, A.J. Robinson

Visualization of Nanofluid Droplet Evaporation on Heated Textured Surfaces
D.Y. Kim, J.H. Moon, .J.-Y. Jung, J. Lee, S.H. Lee

Self-assembly by multi-drop evaporation of carbon-nanotube droplets on a silicon substrate
H. Machrafi, C. Minetti, P.C. Dauby, C.S. Iorio

Numerical simulation of evaporative instabilities in sessile drops of ethanol
S. Semenov, F. Carle, M. Médale, D. Brutin

Session 4 :Evaporation 2 (+ General session)
Chairpersons : O. Goncharova, P. Stephan

Thickness measurement in a horizontal spot-heated liquid layer
S.E. Spesivtsev, Yu.V. Lyulin, I.V. Marchuk and O.A. Kabov

A model of Imbibition and Evaporation of Liquids on Textured Substrates and Porous Layers
T. Gambaryan-Roisman, P. Stephan

Electrostatic effects and evaporation near apparent contact lines
C. Ketelaar, V. Ajaev

Surface cooling under a Leidenfrost drop: A comparaison between interferometric measurements and numerical simulations
M. A. J. van Limbeek, B. Sobac, M. Klein-Schaarsberg, C. Sun, A. Rednikov, P. Colinet, D. Lohse

Investigation of stability of the convective two-layer fluid flows with evaporation at interface
V.B. Bekezhanova, O.N. Goncharova

Effect of the Ambient Temperature on the Start-Up of a Multi-Evaporator Loop Thermosyphon
L. Araneo, D. Mangini, M. Mameli, S. Filippeschi, G. Valenti, M. Marengo

Session 5 : General Session
Chairpersons : R. Imai , R. Gonzales-Cinca

Plans and Recent Developments for Fluid Physics Experiments Aboard the ISS
J. B. McQuillen, B. J. Motil

Characterization of free surface lateral sloshing: application of Reference Image Topography
A. Simonini, D. Fontanarosa, M.G. De Giorgi, M.R. Vetrano, P. Colinet

Numerical Simulation of sloshing in a satellite tank under microgravity condition for low Bond numbers
M. Lepilliez, A. Dalmon, S. Tanguy

Internal and External Flow structures and Transport Phenomena of an Acoustically Levitated Droplets
M. Niwa, A. Watanabe, K. Hasegawa, T. Kanagawa, A. Kaneko, Y. Abe

Temperature Measurement using Infrared Thermometry within semi-transparent media
A. Sielaff, G. Rosengarten, N. Rajic, P. Stephan



Participants are invited to an informal welcome drink from 18h00-20h00 on the 26th September. This will take place at :

Club du Vieux Port : 3 Place aux Huiles, 13001 Marseille,
GPS: 43.293344° 5.371785° // N43° 17' 36'' E5° 22' 18'' // N 43° 17.601' E 5° 22.307'
Map: download
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27 September 2016

Cocktail at the City Hall (Mairie de Marseille) on the « VIEUX PORT » : by foot 13 minutes or take Metro M1, 2 stops to « Vieux-port »

2) 28 September 2016 : Boat Excursion

During the free afternoon we are pleased to offer (included in the registration fee) the opportunity to all participants a 2 hour visit to the Calanques, from "Marseille Vieux Port" to Sugiton* (weather permitting) aboard the ship "Green Calanques". You will be able to appreciate the views from the sea of most of the famous sites along the Marseille coast (Notre Dame de la Garde, Le Pharo, Mucem, Le chateau d’If, ...)
The boat will leave from the Vieux Port at 15h30 (see map) and return at 17h30 to give participants time to prepare and relax before the gala Dinner. Light collation will be given.

* The calanque of Sugiton consists of two creeks, each with a small pebble beach surrounded by high cliffs. The access is limited because of falling stones. As the water comes from a spring in the mountain, the water is always icy. In front of Sugiton is an island called Torpedo Boat, due to its shape of a military ship.